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December 9, 2021 - Financial Literacy Course at Shaw University

As part of our effort to combat the racial wealth gap, the National Trends and Services Facet of The Raleigh (NC) Chapter of the Links partnered with Shaw University for the 2021-2022 year to provide financial literacy course and resources to the transfer and first year students. We took the unprecedented step of incorporating the financial literacy program into the “Transfer for Success” class wherein we incorporated the following:

  • A kick-off in-person/webinar presentation presenting an overview of the course

  • Access to the Ally Bank Wallet Wise program with four courses covering financial topics such as budgeting, credit, banking and buying an auto.

  • Instructor-led courses at Shaw University emphasizing the teachings of the Ally courses:

    • Ballin’ on a Budget, and

    • Financial Facts of Life

  • Mentor pairing with a member of the Raleigh Links – including weekly interactions to review the material, answer questions to apply the material to their financial lives and network for future career goals

All students who completed the aspects of the course not only received a positive grade, they were presented with a $50 Amazon gift card from The Raleigh Links as a mark of encouragement for the key financial material they learned and utilized.


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