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October 3, 2019 - Links Help for Humanity: Bahamas Relief

Members of the Raleigh (NC) Chapter voted to approve the purchase of $1,000 of supplies requested by our Link sisters in the Nassau, Bahamas Chapter for Hurricane Dorian relief efforts. Our chapter President, Brenda Lewis, and Vice President, Programs, WRenia Bratts-Brown, purchased and shipped the requested supplies to the Bahamas.

Our Chapter donated the following items as requested:

160 male depends

160 women depends

256 baby and toddler diapers

22 packages of baby wipes

90 bars of soap

25 packets of toothpaste

24 toothbrushes

82 batteries

17 sticks of male deodorant

24 sticks of female deodorant

4 boxes of feminine products

2 containers of baby formula


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