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November 14, 2020 - Building a Healthy Homestead through Estate Planning

Planning and preparing for life events is one of the kindest gifts you can give your family and loved ones. The Raleigh (NC) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, through a $1,200 Healthy Homestead grant awarded this summer from the Southern Area, provided a free one-hour virtual workshop on the basics of estate planning. One of the grant goals is to provide awareness and education related to estate planning to adults to protect family owned assets.

Tovah Mitchell, Founder and Managing Attorney for Mitchell Law Group, PLLC located in Morrisville, NC, presented the workshop information and answered participant questions. Tovah described an estate plan as a roadmap to prepare for life events with a plan to protect themselves, their assets, and their wishes. Her presentation was tailored to feedback from electronic registration questions that identified participants’ specific areas of interest.

A two-minute Zoom survey sent to each participant upon leaving the session resulted in a 75% response rate. Of the 28 participants, 85% rated the overall workshop at very good to excellent and 98% responded that the workshop did a very good to excellent job of meeting their expectations. When asked if the workshop would have an impact on future estate planning, 85% of the respondents felt that it would have a very good to excellent impact. Half of the information was new to 47% of the participants. The list of participants’ main take away from the session revealed the #1 response to be it’s never too early to beginning your estate planning.

During the course of planning for the workshop, Tovah expressed her passion for educating members of the African American community about the benefits of estate planning and expressed appreciation to our chapter for the opportunity to partner with The Links Incorporated to deliver the grant. Much to the Chapter’s delight, Tovah provided her services at no cost.

The estate planning session will be repeated in March 2021.


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