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March 24, 2022 - CLASS Act Scholarships

The CLASS Act Scholarship Awards were presented to four of the six recipients at Shaw University on March 24, 2022. It was such a rewarding experience to present the $250 gift card to each of them. They were very excited and humbled to receive the award granted by the Raleigh (NC) Chapter of the Links, Incorporated, Service to Youth (STY) Facet. They extended their thanks and also wrote thank you cards. Melodie Carter, Director of Donor Relations and Strategic Partnerships at Shaw University was instrumental in contacting the students and ensuring their presence to receive their awards. This was a collaborative venture between Shaw and STY.

The following members of the Raleigh (NC) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated were instrumental in implementing these awards.

Brenda Lewis – President, Raleigh (NC) Chapter of the.Links, Incorporated

Kimberly Williams -VP Membership

Marilyn Baldwin Richards – Shaw University Liaison

Patricia Hill-Co-Chair STY

Flora Brown-Co-Chair STY

CLASS Act Scholarship Committee

Shonette Charles-STY

Gerry House-STY

Geneva Johnson-STY

Marcy Wylie-STY

Scholarship Selection Committee

Alumna members

Diana Bing-Lawson

Melva Brown

Mabel Matthews

Myra Smith

Linda Taylor


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